Take on your developer dream in Catalina City in Unscripted! Follow the journey of a software developer aspiring to publish their video game into the PackStore's prestigious arcade while starting a new life in Catalina City, the city for software developers. Reconnect and meet close friends like Zen'no, new peers like Katorin, the Kotlin-loving developer, and possibly new enemies like Christina, an enigmatic Python developer.

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Captain's Devlog: May-June 2020

Written on June 15, 2020

I discuss the latest changes in the development builds of Unscripted and outline what's been happening.

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v1.2.3 has been released, and a new issue tracker!

Written on May 15, 2020

I've pushed out a new update to the extended demo (v1.2.3) and have migrated new issues to GitHub.

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v1.2.0 (Extended Demo) is here!

Written on April 25, 2020

The extended demo release is finally here! This post covers the major notes about this release.

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